Overview and site guide

This site brings together information, publications, and resources related to my work on educational change in the US and around the world.  (Please note that it does link to websites and other multimedia resources that were developed some time ago, and, therefore, some links may no longer work.)

Left Column

From the left column you can get access to my bio as well as an abbreviated CV with a list of my publications.  The right column also provides links to the syllabus and modules from the course on School Change I have been teaching since 2004; summaries and links to publications related to my work on capacity building and what it takes to improve schools; and multimedia websites designed to support learning of teaching. The course materials and modules section includes:

The Research on Capacity Building section includes:

The Online Videos/Exhibitions section focuses on the work I have done with a number of colleagues to create multimedia websites that document the work of teachers in a variety of levels and subjects. These websites include videos, interviews, and class materials designed to be used to support learning in teacher education and professional development:

  • Teaching of Controversial Issues in Social Studies includes two websites that document how the use of controversial issues to help students develop a deep understanding of key topics in a government class and a global studies class
  • Websites of Teaching K-12 connects to a collection of websites or “images of practice” that range from those documenting teaching using art and projects in the early grades to those documenting teaching in English & Social Studies in high school.
  • Learning from the Practice of Veteran and Novice Teachers links to an article from the Journal of Teacher Education and a related digital exhibition that documents what two novice teachers learned in a teacher education class
  • Making Teaching Public connects to a digital exhibition and overview from Teachers College Record which includes commentaries from Deborah Ball, Marilyn Cochran-Smith, Pam Grossman, Lee Shulman, and others.
  • Going Public with Our Teaching: An Anthology of Practice links to companion websites to this collection of work by K-12 teachers inquiring into and reflecting on their practice.

Center Column

The center column includes occasional blog posts reflecting on issues I’m encountering in my own research and teaching and my own experiences as a parent with three daughters engaged in education both inside and outside the US. Some of those posts come from Internationalednews.com and others come from a current research project looking at the evolution of promising improvement efforts in New York City as well as other parts of the world.

Right Column

The right column includes my twitter feed, where I share links to news, articles, and resources as I come across them. In general, the links are drawn from my interests in educational change and school improvement in the US and around the world, including issues of assessment and accountability, educational technology and “innovation”, equity and race, and educational philanthropy.  The posts reflect as well my location in New York City and familiarity with education in places like California, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, Singapore and Chile.