New Jersey Network of Superintendents

My work with the New Jersey Network of Superintendents (NJNS) also documents the role that technical, human, and social capital play in district-wide efforts to improve instruction and address issues of equity in the US.  Larry Leverett, President of the Panasonic Foundation and a former superintendent, launched the Network in order to create a professional learning community that would support superintendents’ efforts to focus on instruction and improve learning for all students. Each year since 2009, 10-15 superintendents have participated in monthly Network meetings that often include instructional rounds visits and classroom observations in participating districts.  Working with my colleagues Rachel Roegman and David Allen, I have documented the development of the network.  Key publications from that work include:

A description of how a superintendent and the Network can have a positive impact on classroom instruction across a district

An account of how several of the districts are increasing access to higher level learning

  • Roegman, R. & Hatch, T. (2016).  Access, success and equity: AP access and performance in four New Jersey districts. Phi Delta Kappan, 97 (5), 20-25.

An examination of the role of administrator social networks in instructional rounds and in the development of initiatives to improve instruction and address issues of equity

  • Hatch, T., Hill, K., & Roegman, R. (2016). Investigating the role of instructional rounds in the development of social networks and district-wide improvement.  American Educational Research Journal, 53 (4), 1022-1053